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  • All rules are to be enforced by yourself. If you do not play by the rules, your opponent is well within her/his rights to call you for violating the rules.
  • Registering your team members is the Captain’s responsibility. If all six members aren’t registered (or four for Quads teams) by the time the session starts the following penalties apply:
     Week 1 – Your grace period. Week 2 – Your team may still play, but you forfeit all three sets for the night. Week 3 – You will not be allowed to play until everyone is registered and you are not eligible for any refunds on the season.
  • For ALL CoEd teams (rec & intermediate) you are never allowed to have more male players than female players. You may play with 3 and 3, or 4 (gals) and 2 (guys), or 5 & get the picture. For each set you play with more guys than girls, you lose that set 21-0, or 15-0 in the third set. This applies at all levels of play.
  • There IS A GIRL rule when taking the ball over (there is no such rule in CoEd quads). A girl MUST get at least one touch if more than one guy touches the ball before sending it to the opponent's court. Two guys and over - nope. Three guys and over - nope. One guy and over - yes. Two guys and a girl - yes.
  • In SportsEngine it lists a "Home" team and a "Visitor." The visitor will choose who serves the first set. The opposing team will serve the second set. The home team gets to decide who serves first in the final set. Schedules are created with court designations and home/visitor in mind. You should have the same number of “Home” and “Visitor” matches.
  • Each match is scored 21-21-15. You play all three sets every week until we get to the playoffs in October.
  • You have 56 minutes to play your match. It is your responsibility to watch your time. If we have to ask you to end your match, the score remains exactly what it was when we asked you to exit the court. We will NOT run behind on start times. IF there is an open court and your match is still ongoing, you may move to that court. However, many leagues are full this session.
  • Third Set Scoring - This is still a little confusing to some teams. If you need help, put "AVP the Freeze" in your Google search engine for clarification. lay it out here, in the third set (and 3rd set ONLY), once one team reaches game point (14 points) BOTH teams go into the Freeze. This means that NEITHER team can score unless they are serving. Yes, it goes back to old school side out scoring. You must serve to win a point once either team reaches 14 points.
  • Regarding quality of volleyball - if you are playing in an intermediate league, the quality of volleyball needs to be considerably better than if you are playing in a rec league. If you aren't going to call your own net violations, doubles, catches, thrown balls, etc., then you better be prepared for your opponents to call those violations. Intermediate volleyball is what I expect to see at the high school varsity level. If you aren't playing with those expectations, you need to up your game or play recreational leagues next session. We will always side with teams playing cleaner volleyball.
  • There is no "three serves" rule. If your team can't return someone's serve, that is your responsibility to get better. They do not have a responsibility to serve underhand to accommodate your team. This applies at all league levels.
  • Report your scores to Recreation Assistant after each match. If you are playing in back-to-back leagues, it is really helpful to have the scores after your first match before you begin your second.
  • If you hit a ball over the fence...go get it. If you hit it onto the GoKart track, let a staff member know and we will try to get it back as soon as possible.
  • If you bring your own volleyball, both teams must approve of using it. Otherwise, use the USAV approved beach volleyball we provide.
  • Weather delays: We at The SandBox have the same control over the weather that you do. If lighting is spotted in a five (5) mile radius, we are compelled to postpone the matches until at least one hour after the LAST lightning is seen for the night. Please, be patient as we try to discern whether to postpone matches. Most evenings, if the first or second match of the night is cancelled, all matches for that night will be cancelled.
  • Regarding the playoffs: we have exclusive decision-making discretion on which teams will be in the playoffs. Some leagues have six (6) teams, where others have twelve (12) teams. Occasionally, as few as two (2) teams will be in the playoffs; and on other occasions, there may be as many as six (6) or eight (8) teams in the playoffs. If your team finishes the regular season with a losing record (below .500 win percentage), it is highly unlikely to be in the playoffs. We are limited by court space, time, and quality of the teams. Only two teams are guaranteed each league to be in the playoffs. Any more than two teams is an offer we are extending to teams we think will make the evening more exciting and/or interesting and/or balanced.
  • When your match is over, unless you are playing another match, turn in your volleyball immediately. We often have teams waiting for volleyballs and there is no need. Check it out, use it, turn it in.
  • Finally, have fun!! It’s a joy to play in The SandBox!


  • As mentioned before, there is no "girl" rule. Two guys may take the ball over in CoEd.
  • Players may never tip in quads. A deep push is allowed.
  • If there is a setter dump, the ball must be dumped perpendicular to the setter's shoulders (exactly 90 degrees). In other words, if I am playing defense, I should be able to read exactly where your dump is going because it can only go in one direction over the net.
  • You only need to rotate the serve, otherwise you may set up however you'd like.